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Book a flight from San Francisco to Barcelona and discover Spain's second largest city. Barcelona, which has a population of over 4 million people, is the capital of Catalonia. There are many different sights for you to enjoy on your next trip to Barcelona, including castles, museums and beautifully landscaped paradises. The La Sagrada Familia is one of Spain's most breathtaking medieval cathedrals and is still not completely finished. The cathedral, which has been a work in progress for over 100 years, should be finished between 2020 and 2040. The La Ramble is a crowded pedestrian boulevard, known for having the best cafes and restaurants, as well as newsstands, kiosks and pavement artists. If you're a football fan, be sure to check out Camp Nou, the home of Spain's FC Barcelona football team. There is a guided tour of the stadium and team's museum, which includes visits to the team's dressing rooms.

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