The name Istanbul invokes mystery and intrigue. Book a London - Istanbul flight to experience Istanbul's exotic sights and scents. Most of the historic and religious monuments in the city date back to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. Visit Church of St Savior in Chorafor to see the incredible mosaics and frescoes that cover the interior. Wooden mansions and beautiful pine groves give Princes Island, a series of nine car-free islands just off the coast, a wonderful ambiance. Visitors to Istanbul will want to try a Turkish bath and perhaps also a hookah, or Turkish water pipe. A walk along the ancient Theodosian Walls that defended the city for centuries is another must for the traveler. Istanbul offers an amazing shopping experience that runs the gamut from oriental bazaars to modern shopping malls. Try some fresh Turkish delight or Turkish tea when you arrive. Book your London - Istanbul flight today!

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